Our Day

What We Do Each Day

Group Times (small and large) - Stories, songs, games and discussions are used to introduce various concepts related to themes. Early literacy, math and science are incorporated into weekly lesson plans. Active participation by the children is encouraged.

Table Toys-Puzzles, manipulative materials, cutting and drawing materials develop small motor skills. Activities involving pre-math, pre-writing, and pre-reading concepts invite problem solving.

Creative Art and Sensory Experiences encourage self-expression, with emphasis placed on process, not product.

Free Play - Dramatic play, block building and other construction toys are always available, encouraging social skills, creativity, and cooperative play.

Outside Play in our beautiful discovery play garden stimulates large muscle coordination and strengthening as the children climb the play structure, run and move on the grassy field, explore the small wooded trails and coves, and care for our vegetable and flower beds.

Personal Growth and Development is embedded in our program, as children learn self-help skills and build confidence in their abilities. Social skills are taught as children learn to communicate, make friends, negotiate, and how to treat others with care and respect.

Christian FoundationOur team focuses on the value of each individual regardless of appearance, achievement or behavior.  We aim to share God's love with each child and support them through their unique journey of growth.  We have a weekly chapel time with Vinland Lutheran's pastor, say grace over snacks, celebrate holidays and sing Bible songs.