I'm New!

What should I wear?

YOU are what is important to us, not what you wear!  We are a casual, laughter-loving congregation who will welcome you in anything from jeans to a suit.

When should I be there?

Please check our home page for changes in worship times.  We currently have one worship service at 9:30 am.  Sunday School for kids ages 4-5th grade is held during the service.

What do you have for my kids?

A safe and fun learning environment.  There is an incredible children's program and a team of hand-picked volunteers who assist in making the Bible stories take life.  The kids love Sunday School at Vinland!

What do you have for my teens?

Activities, fun, and service projects that help teens navigate through their world are found here.  Our teens learn how God's Word applies to their lives as they wrestle through life's challenges.   Wednesday nights are a great time for middle and high school kids to hang out in their own loft space.  One Wednesday a month, they volunteer at Fishline Food Bank in Poulsbo.    High School Hang-out with Pastor Nels happens one Sunday evening each month.  It includes a creative dinner and lots of time to just talk.

What do you have for adults?

Informal classes, social activities, discussion groups and special interest groups are available for adults throughout the week.  We believe that gathering to nourish each other spiritually is vital.