Our Legacy and Affiliation

Vinland Lutheran Church was founded by a sturdy group of Norwegians in 1904.  Built on land donated, cleared and cherished by neighboring Norwegian farmers, the church stands as a testament to their legacy.  Destroyed by fire in 1960, a new building was immediately constructed.  In 2010 we began a capital campaign geared to raising funds to build a new two-story structure housing offices, classrooms and a large social hall and kitchen.  The top floor is now complete and we are excited to share this space!   Eventually, the current building will undergo a renovation.  We are determined to make more space for God's grace to welcome the people of our growing community.

We are members of the Southwestern Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  The ELCA is a community of faith that shares a passion for making positive changes in the world.  Our faith is built around a strong belief in God as made known to us in Jesus Christ.  Through worship, service and education, we practice our faith, grow our relationship with God and experience God's grace in our lives.

For more information on what Lutherans believe go to   http://www.elca.org/

The church was founded in 1904 by a sturdy group of Norwegian immigrants who needed a place to bury their loved ones, hear the word of God, educate their children and gather in community